Fishbowl integrates with a number of products and services

Fishbowl Apple integration


You can access Fishbowl on an iPad or iPhone. You can also install and run the Fishbowl server and client on Mac computers.

Fishbowl bigcommerce integration


Fishbowl’s product listings can be integrated with this shopping cart. For orders, Fishbowl also generates and sends out shipping and tracking information.

Fishbowl Dropbox integration


Dropbox is a cloud-based tool for storing images, documents, and other files. You can then associate those files with items and orders in Fishbowl.

Fishbowl eBay integration


Synchronise Fishbowl’s product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions with eBay’s shopping cart. Fishbowl creates shipping and tracking information when an order comes in.

Fishbowl anywhere cloud based inventory

Fishbowl Anywhere

Fishbowl Anywhere is a cloud-based solution for Fishbowl, allowing you to access Fishbowl from, well... Anywhere, and on any smart device including your phone, tablet or favourite web browser.

Fishbowl go barcode scanner solution

Fishbowl GO

Fishbowl Go is an Android based barcoding solution that works with the latest scanners, including Zebra which are supplied by us, and can also work on device running Android 4.4

Fishbowl mobile integration

Fishbowl Mobile

Fishbowl Mobile is a wireless inventory solution that uses barcode scanning to significantly reduce human error and increase inventory efficiency and accuracy.

Fishbowl Salespoint integration

Fishbowl Salespoint

Choose hardware that fits your needs, including cash drawers, credit card readers, and receipt printers, and use SalesPoint as your point of sale solution.

Fishbowl time & labor integration

Fishbowl Time & Labor

Fishbowl Time & Labor is a Web-based employee time clock software that tracks employees’ hours, overtime, locations, projects, and more.

Fishbowl lilypad integration

Lilypad for Fishbowl

LilyPad is a long time preferred Fishbowl Partner, and there are two products: LilyPad Mobile Sales and LilyPad Mobile Warehouse.

Fishbowl jobsync integration


Keep your inventory up to date while taking orders and making sales on the road with live connection to the Fishbowl database.

Fishbowl klipfolio integration


Klipfolio offers a complete KPI dashboard and with KExtract enables your Fishbowl data to be displayed live on Klipfolio.

Fishbowl magento integration


Magento’s shopping cart uses product listings from Fishbowl. After orders are downloaded into Fishbowl for fulfillment, their tracking and shipping information are automatically generated.

Fishbowl motorola integration


Barcoding has never been easier than when you use Fishbowl-certified Motorola devices. These barcode scanners make Fishbowl accessible anywhere in your warehouse(s).

Fishbowl opencart integration


Opencart populates its shopping carts with Fishbowl’s product. Fishbowl takes charge of fulfilling orders, automatically generating shipping and tracking information for them.

Fishbowl quickbooks online integration

QuickBooks Online

Integrate directly with the cloud based accounting software that is seriously easy.

Fishbowl reckon accounts integration

Reckon Accounts

Fishbowl is the number one requested inventory management solution for Reckon Accounts. Together they are a powerful ERP solution out of the box.

Fishbowl salesforce integration


Fishbowl has an iOS app (the only integration that allows users to see inventory levels, locations, products, and pricing) and integration with the Salesforce CRM.

Fishbowl shopify integration


Product listings, pictures, quantities, and descriptions are synced from Fishbowl to Shopify’s ecommerce solution. Fishbowl generates shipping and tracking information for orders.

Fishbowl SolidWorks integration


Fishbowl can now integrate directly with SolidWorks, a 3D Autocad software program that can create bills of materials.

Fishbowl wasp integration


Wasp Barcode offers many barcode scanners to handle your business needs. If you need a barcode reader that works with Fishbowl, Wasp can help.

Fishbowl windows integration


You can install and run the Fishbowl server and client on the most recent versions of the Windows operating system.

Fishbowl woocommerce integration


Sync your Fishbowl products to WooCommerce’s shopping cart solution. WooCommerce transfers orders to Fishbowl, which prepares shipping and tracking information.

Fishbowl xero integration


Xero is a cloud-based accounting solution for SMBs. Fishbowl integrates with Xero, giving you an inventory and order management system with integrated accounting features.

Zebra scanners for warehouse


Fishbowl Australia is now an official reseller of Zebra scanners including the TC70, TC55, and the MC40. Android based scanners made for the warehouse floor.

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