Use Fishbowl as a powerful, stand-alone asset tracking software solution.

standalone asset tracking software

Choose Fishbowl as Your Standalone Asset Tracking Solution.

Looking for a powerful asset tracking solution?

Fishbowl is the answer. Fishbowl gives you all the tools you need to manage multiple warehouses, track shipments and increase efficiency. Many well-known organisations, including NASA and the Mississippi State Department of Health, already take advantage of Fishbowl as a standalone solution. Now it’s your chance!

accounting integration with inventory management software

An Accounting Inventory Management Solution And Asset Tracking In One Product!

Whether you're looking for the best Reckon Accounts or Xero compatible inventory management software or a great deal on world-class asset tracking software, Fishbowl is the right solution for you. See below some of our high profile clients that use Fishbowl as a

Look Who Else Uses Fishbowl Inventory!

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santa barbara asset tracking case study

IT Network Division, Santa Barbara County, CA

County’s IT division manages warranties and assets in 250 locations. Unfortunately, this task was nearly impossible for many years because their asset tracking system was in chaos and needed to be replaced. Once they started using Fishbowl Inventory, the situation quickly improved. The IT division boosted efficiency with Fishbowl, so even when they faced budget cuts they kept improving their service. Fishbowl gave the IT division the flexibility and power they needed, and they are extremely pleased with the results.

NASA asset tracking case study

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Space food has come a long way since the early Apollo missions. As astronauts' food supplies grew over the years from simple applesauce to more than 180 food items, NASA has had to turn to more advanced solutions for asset tracking and management. They started using Fishbowl to manage all the raw ingredients for their astronauts' food supply. Today, with the help of barcodes, they track food products through the production process to their final destination in space.

Mississippi State Department of Health asset tracking case study

Mississippi State Department of Health

The Mississippi State Department of Health enjoyed a particularly dramatic turnaround in their asset tracking system with Fishbowl's help. After witnessing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, MSDH wanted to make sure they were prepared for natural disasters. To do that, they needed to more efficiently distribute resources to medical facilities across the state. So they started using Fishbowl to track their medical supplies, and the results have been stunning.

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