Fishbowl extends the functionality of your accounting package, while allowing you to keep using the accounting software you love!

reckon accounts inventory management

What Is The Answer To Expanding your accounting packages Inventory Management Functionality?

Reckon Accounts is the most popular accounting software for small and mid-size businesses. But even Reckon Accounts Enterprise, with its advanced accounting tools and other improved features, isn't enough to meet all of your small business’ inventory management and stock control needs. You need something more to effectively manage your single largest expense – inventory. But you want that new solution to still work with Reckon Accounts.

Xero is a great web-based, cloud accounting software tool but is not built for advanced inventory management or manufacturing, how do you keep using these great accounting tools while getting the most out of your inventory? What is the answer?

fishbowl manufacturing and inventory management software

It's Fishbowl Warehouse Or Fishbowl Manufacturing!

Fishbowl is the number 1 requested solution for Reckon Accounts users and Xero users looking for inventory management software. It integrates seamlessly with Reckon Accounts and Xero, adding the functionality your accounting package lacks, so you can effectively manage and report on your inventory at every step of your day to day warehouse and manufacturing processes.

fishbowl and reckon accounts erp solution

Your accounting package and Fishbowl, an ERP solution that grows with your business.

Reckon Accounts and Fishbowl or Xero and Fishbowl can give you complete access to the most essential tools to grow your business. You can save tens of thousands of dollars and stay with the accounting software you love by choosing Fishbowl's affordable inventory management software solution.

With a combination of Reckon Accounts and Fishbowl or Xero and Fishbowl, you can:

  • Automatically create invoices and packing lists.
  • Generate detailed sales and inventory reports.
  • Eliminate double data entry.
  • Speed up the reordering and receiving processes.
  • Improve data accuracy by scanning barcodes instead of typing product information.
  • Save time and money by simplifying complex tasks!
  • Enjoy many other features and benefits.

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