Reckon Accounts Integration

Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts: Powerful inventory, and accounting tools combined.

reckon accounts inventory managmement software integration

Take Your Inventory Management To The Next Level

Fishbowl inventory management software fills the gaps in Reckon Accounts' services so well. Reckon Accounts is a great accounting tool, but it lacks many features businesses need to track their inventory, such as bar code scanning, part tracking and advanced manufacturing tools. Fishbowl has all of these features, plus many more.

Fishbowl was one of the first third parties to receive Gold Developer status from Intuit, and it has held this title for nearly a decade. As a Gold Developer, Fishbowl has access to key information that allows it to remain fully compatible with each new version of Reckon Accounts. You can bet Fishbowl will keep strengthening its inventory software to match Reckon Accounts' commitment to excellence.

reckon accounts inventory management add on

Quick And Easy: Keep Your Accounts Up To Date.

One of the best things about Fishbowl is that it integrates with Reckon Accounts. Integrating Fishbowl with Reckon Accounts is fast and simple. The Accounting Configuration Wizard walks you through the steps to successfully import and export your data between Fishbowl and Reckon Accounts. You can set up Fishbowl to export data on customers, vendors, parts and quantities to QuickBooks as often as you like to keep your accounting records up to date. This saves many hours of work and ensures your records are accurate.

For a more-detailed look at the importance of Fishbowl’s Reckon integration, read this comparison of Reckon Accounts vs. Reckon Accounts with Fishbowl.

reckon accounts features comparison table

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By combining Fishbowl Manufacturing and Reckon Accounts, you get all the tools you need to effectively manage your inventory, control costs and improve data accuracy. Get a free trial of Fishbowl Manufacturing today to put it to work for you!

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